Progress may forever remain a dream without the possibility of change. The Diagon Team in its entirety is ecstatic to present our brand’s new identity. This upgrade particularly depicts the progress and commitment of our model to undergoing periodic structural reviews in order to render the best services to our users. Despite the change, our essential principles and values have not been altered.

The thorough redesigning program has tilted towards taking strategic steps towards ensuring the extension of blockchain solutions to achieving the best digital living experience. A sequel to these changes is the expansion of our product line to a wide range of services including chances for competitive game players to be rewarded while having fun, Utility, and NFTs Exchanges. Our vision is to build crypto-powered gaming, utility, and NFT ecosystem that will have a beneficial and long-term impact on users

The rewards on our Play to Earn gaming platform will be based on player reports and witness checks, as opposed to present platforms that exclusively rely on skills. This reduces the likelihood of widespread fake reports, which is all too common.

Diagon has been your one-stop gaming platform for esports for the past 2 years, and we have increased our market share and product offering. Diagon’s rise in size and presence is reflected in the new brand concept. The future of blockchain gaming lies in the opportunity to bring more casual games, which have simpler rules, shorter sessions, and less learned skills than hardcore games, as well as their unique ability to allow players to win in substantially less time. In contrast to hardcore games, which can take up to 40+ hours to complete the final stage.


Our token system will undergo changes in the spirit of rebranding. Diagon’s ecosystem will have three tokens.

The Token System consists of:

1. Diagon Token (DGN)

2. Casual Token (CSL)

3. Incentive Token (iDGN)

Each token’s entire description is provided below.

1. Diagon Token (DGN): Diagon (DGN) is the governance and equity token of the Diagon Ecosystem. The governance token of the Diagon ecosystem will allow those who hold it to vote on changes to the Diagon ecosystem

2. Casual Token (CSL): Casual (CSL) is the ecosystem token with instant liquidity on Pancake Swap that is primarily for gaming rewards and all forms of payments in Diagon’s Casual Games.

3. iDiagon (iDGN): iDiagon is a utility token that will be used as a form of incentive for rewarding the entire ecosystem users for gaming and processing any form of transaction in any part of our ecosystem.

Diagon is rebranding and we are migrating from the Ethereum Blockchain, with Smart Contract Address: 0x7ace84ac394e41f1c01711ed134d9bbcfa770ce7 to the Binance Smart Chain, with Smart Contract Address: 0x9c52CD31b746B3019dF97EEd94d25C46Eb65298a. All old token holders can claim their new token by signing up here.

What will Diagon’s next product be?

In the long run, the Diagon NFT marketplace will eventually be incorporated into the ecosystem to help actors, musicians, artists, and other types of producers find markets. We’re excited to build a one-of-a-kind platform where people can sell their digital collectibles to eager purchasers, and Africa will be our first stop.


Diagon Ambassador Program is a support function meant to assist bring the firm closer to the communities, better meet their demands, and provide the best community support that we’re aiming for, so they may have all the information they could ever need in dealing with our product.

As we continue to develop, our community has been wonderfully supportive. We are really proud of our present core community, which is one of the most resourceful, insightful, and active communities in the blockchain and crypto sector. Hundreds of nationalities are represented in our current community. Our community is, without a doubt, crucial to our long-term success.

As we come closer to the public launch of the new Diagon ecosystem, we’re unveiling our future Ambassador program. Click here for more.

If you’d like to know more about Diagon, click here. You can also follow us on our social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Instagram.





A hyper-casual play-to-earn platform that gives you the best digital living experience with crypto.

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A hyper-casual play-to-earn platform that gives you the best digital living experience with crypto.

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