Can You Tell The Changes

Exciting changes are on the horizon at Daigon Studios!

2 min readJul 3, 2023

Take a sneak peek at these captivating pictures showcasing some of the upcoming transformations on the CASUAL app.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of exciting new features to enhance your experience at Daigon Studios:

  1. Like Button: Discover the pulse of the community by easily identifying which games are popular. With a simple click, you can show your appreciation for your favorite games and see what others are enjoying.
  2. Share Button: Spread the joy of gaming with your friends on various social media platforms! Now, you can seamlessly share your favorite games on CASUAL with a single click, letting everyone know about the fantastic experiences you've been enjoying.
  3. Player Statistics: Dive into your gaming journey and keep track of your progress with our detailed player statistics feature. Monitor your achievements, milestones, and growth as you conquer new challenges.
  4. To learn more about these exciting additions and explore further enhancements, click for more, literally!

Tell us some of the changes not mentioned. Share them in the comments.




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