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Casual Games

The Future of Gaming

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What are Casual Games?

So, what are casual games? Casual games are games that are simple to player and require minimal mental effort from the player. The video games are easy to play, easy to finish, and doesn’t require special skills or strategies.

Features of Casual Games

A video game is referred to as casual if they have the following features:

  • Not time-consuming - Casual games are played and completed in short intervals . Since they are designed for fun, they do not require too much time or effort.
  • Advertised as demo-version- Recall all of the different video game advertisements that you’ve seen. The videos demonstrates what type of move to make when playing a new game. That is how most casual games are advertised. Their developers create single-step videos demos as commercial for potential players.
  • You can progress through the levels with ease.

Are Casual Games shaping the future of Gaming?

Yes, the future of gaming is all about casual games. In a world where people are constantly on the go, it’s important for games to be easy to play and quick to load. Casual games are perfect for this type of world — they’re simple to learn, and don’t require a lot of time or money to play. They’re also perfect for people who want to kill some time and avoid taking up too much space on their devices. So keep an eye out for more casual games in the future — they’re sure to be big hits! — Choong Deng Xiang

Human beings have a short attention span, 0.5 seconds shorter than that of a goldfish. With the proliferation of content on the internet, content creators have a limited window to capture and keep the attention of their audience. So, there is a need for casual gaming.


While casual games are fun, not everyone is a fan. Developers have added a special feature to entice more game players to this genre; the play-to-earn feature. You can make money while playing simple, fun games.



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