DIAGON — Blockchain Ticketing Ecosystem for Esports, Arts, Entertainment, & NFTs Collectibles.

DIAGON is a global ticketing ecosystem powering Esports, Arts, Entertainment, and their NFTs derivatives. DIAGON officially launched a coin — Diagon (DGN) — in 2019, currently listed on ProBit Exchange and Uniswap DEX. Diagon (DGN) currently has a total supply of 40,000,000 coins and a market cap of around $400,000 at the time of sending this email. The following links can be used to track Diagon (DGN) on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

DIAGON has officially migrated her smart contract address from 0xa063341d10054188e3cb715bfb663b37c0c1515e to 0x7ace84ac394e41f1c01711ed134d9bbcfa770ce7. Diagon (DGN) — at the moment have not started trading fully on exchanges, but we are currently listed on two exchanges — ProBit Exchange (South Korean) and Uniswap (Decentralized Exchange).

DIAGON is currently partnering with WeAreMasters; A congregation of the very best Artists, Digital Artists, and Creators from Africa and around the globe — to use and accept Diagon Coin (DGN) as the primary method of payment.

Inline to achieve our vision of becoming a global ticketing ecosystem for esports and entertainment, DIAGON is working on strategic partnerships with several exchanges. Very recently, we have reached an agreement with HOO Exchange to get Diagon (DGN) listed, this will be publicly announced soon to our community of onboarding users and DGN holders. We have also been in constant communication with Okex Ambassador and team and we are working out the modalities to get listed on Okex Exchange. We have also reached out for a partnership with BuyCoins.Africa to get Diagon (DGN) listed for Africans to easily buy and sell DGN seamlessly on her platform.
Diagon Team is determined to see that Diagon becomes a global standard for ticketing backed by blockchain/cryptocurrency. We are in touch with CoinBase Exchange and working on a partnership to get Diagon (DGN) supported by CoinBase. The DIAGON team very soon hopes to reach agreements that will get Diagon (DGN) listed for trading on the top exchanges.

The DIAGON team is not just focused on Listing Partnerships, but also partnerships with Arts and Entertainment companies for ticketing (i.e purchasing all forms of tickets for different platforms in our ecosystem. Also, the DIAGON team is working partnerships with top gamers, Esports platforms, and Influencers for great use cases. Captured on our ROAD MAP are key features and plans to give a clearer sense of direction, and our goals for the entire DIAGON project.

DIAGON is also preparing for a Liquidity Mining Programme (Yield Farming), where users can mine a new set of coins as incentives in DIAGON’s ecosystem, the protocol for the Liquidity Mining Programme will be live soon, and we will be reaching out to communities about this Liquidity mining Program.

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A hyper-casual play-to-earn platform that gives you the best digital living experience with crypto.

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A hyper-casual play-to-earn platform that gives you the best digital living experience with crypto.

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