Diagon Is Redefining Casual Games

Here we will talk about the benefits of casual games, our new CASUAL App, our POINTS-based system, weekly tournaments, raffle draws and so much more!

Benefits of Casual Games

In addition, the authors emphasized the potential of video games as instructional resources for developing the ability to persevere in the face of setbacks.

The authors argue that kids can strengthen the emotional fortitude they'll need in life by learning to deal with setbacks in games.

Nevertheless, research has also shown the risks associated with gaming such as; addiction, anxiety, and violence. These are very serious side effects and should not be ignored.


  • Knife Rain
  • Bubble Woods
  • City Dunk
  • Endless Trucks
  • Archery
  • Cursed Marbles
  • Table Tennis
  • 3D Chess
  • Billards Classic

POINTS-based System

You also win points when you share your referral link and invite a friend to join in the fun!

Weekly Tournaments rounds

Raffle Draw

Keep up with Diagon

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