DIAGON: Why Play To Earn?

The blockchain industry is growing at a very fast pace because of the introduction of new trends. Recently, play-to-earn games have become the focus of the crypto community, with a larger group of people succumbing to the hype, certain people are left wondering what this mass movement is all about and how they might profit from it as well.

What are Play To Earn Games?

The need for game lovers to discover games via the internet propelled the gaming industry to prominence. When blockchain technology was implemented, it resulted in the creation of an even larger market.

Numerous cryptocurrency enthusiasts are adopting blockchain-based games and devoting multiple hours each day to them, boosting their popularity. What do you think compels people to spend hours devoted to their screens playing a simple game? The answer is simple: play to earn features!

Although the concept of “Play-To-Earn” is novel in the gaming business, it has come to stay. Gamers now have the opportunity to earn tempting incentives simply by playing their favorite games. What could be more enticing than this?

Players of the game get rewards like in-game rewards and tokens which they might choose to sell or trade. What is even more interesting is that these rewards are not restricted to the game alone, they can choose to spend in the real world by converting it to fiat currencies.

Play-To-Earn games enable players to leverage their time and talent by earning incentives in cryptocurrency, which they can then swap for their preferred currency. We all know that traditional video games do not provide gamers with complete control of the items they acquire on the gaming platform.

The rewards acquired by players in blockchain games increase in value over time, giving them the choice of either selling them instantaneously or at a significantly higher price. Indeed, this alone has contributed to the growth within the crypto space in recent years.

What is the value of the Gaming Industry?

The game industry is already thriving, thanks to the advent of various new technologies that enhance the gaming experience for players while also fostering a vibrant environment for game producers. The gaming sector, on the other hand, appears to have exploded as a result of the interesting mix of blockchain technology, Defi, and NFTs.

The market is currently valued at over $170 billion, with significant room for development and growth as millions of crypto enthusiasts, gamer lovers, and creators from around the world flood the space.

How much money can people earn?

Normally, gaming is not meant to reward players and people still doubt the possibility of making a living from blockchain games. It’s even shocking to know that some people play games and earn from them for a living. Yes! It’s happening in developing countries and here in Africa, Diagon is bringing such an opportunity to everyone.

Our Play-To-Earn games provide a steady source of income to gamers, and they were built for everyone, even a 5 years old child! Gamers can earn as much as $200 to $1500 every month which is dependent on how often you can play and the market price of our rewarding tokens, $CSL. Our Hyper-Casual Games are the best for everyone who likes to earn income regularly.

You can decide to sell your tokens immediately or hold them to sell later. Although, the price cannot be predicted accurately as the market is being controlled by the forces of supply and demand from holders.

Ways to cash out from Play-To-Earn Games

Gamers have two options when it comes to spending their in-game assets, it’s either you sell instantly or you play regularly to get as many rewards as possible and sell much later.

Diagon’s reward token, $CSL can be traded on Pancake swap, depending on the number of tokens you earn, you can always use the DEX in converting your tokens to any other currency of your choice or hold it for a while for future appreciation.

What is the future of Play-To-Earn Games?

As we all know, Play-To-Earn games are setting the pace in the gaming industry. It has created a hospitable economy in which gamers are monetarily rewarded.

Hyper-Casual Games are expanding the market even further and are swiftly establishing a powerful competitive edge due to their simplicity and broad appeal.

Previously, many believed that the entire Play-To-Earn features would perish with time, but the model is radically changing that perception, even when the surface hasn’t been scratched.

While the crypto sector is pretty volatile and speculative, the solution that Play-To-Earn games provide will last for an extended length of time. Indeed, it is here to stay and will improve our lives. The market is quite competitive and has a lot of potentials to expand, thus the future is bright.

Diagon, a Play-To Earn platform

Diagon is a living community that offers gamers an opportunity to earn while having fun. Our revolution is young but spreading quickly. DGN, our governance token, has been designed as a growth hormone to take the toddler to maturity.

Our Hyper Casual Games category is massive, and they can be played by everyone (yes, your dog puppy can too).

We are here to smash every other game that has been in existence.

So, what exactly makes our games unique?

  • They can be understood in seconds

Hyper Casual Games are extremely simple to play, instantaneously playable, and replayable; as a result, they are as addicting and captivating as candy. You can play it whenever and wherever you want: on the bus, in the vehicle, outside while standing in line for or while watching an irritating movie.

A game requires community members to provide value to the network by simply playing games and also being rewarded in return. It’s simple but groundbreaking. We’re searching for missionaries to help us align incentives as we alter the gaming world forever.

Take a break and indulge in a lifetime’s worth of fun! To join our platform, click here and get $100 worth of iDGN, our incentive token.



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