eSports: A New Avenue to Explore More Profit

2 min readSep 5, 2019

It’s no longer news that eSports is now a $1 billion industry as projected by Newzoo, a research firm, and as intriguing as that is — for the profit-minded and business opportunists — this humble industry continues to rise and expand. Now here’s what makes news: big gaming companies, sports businesses, brands and investors, who were at the sidelines all this while observing, now want a slice of that billion-dollar cake — that will definitely get bigger — like foxes; and frankly you should too. So, wait a minute, eSports; what is eSports?

For starters, eSports means electronic sports. It is a form of organized competition like your traditional football, basketball, or whatever sports you love. Like any other sports, professional players participate, and they compete in multiplayer video game competitions or matches that can be streamed to a large audience all over the world via the internet. And honestly, it is becoming the next big thing in the entertainment world.

And now, blockchain is taking this industry into a whole new level, orchestrating the integration of eSports fun with the security its technology offers.

With eSports on the blockchain, electronic sports platforms will be more secure, and its event management cost-effective. Professional gamers and fans on these platforms would also find its operations easier to understand and collaborative efforts within teams more effective.

Taking the lead on this front, Diagon, a global competitive eSports ecosystem, is offering one coin to power four platforms for everything eSports. This, undauntedly, is a new way for investors to make more profits from an emerging industry whose growth has no limit.

Diagon ecosystem will enable secure, frictionless transactions between players, developers and everyone onboard. The four platforms powered by this ecosystem are:

1. DiaArena, the platform to be uniquely built for eSports activities.

2. DiaStream, the platform that will offer seamless experience to all remote users watching and streaming live activities on Diagon’s network.

3. DiaBet, the pristine betting platform for eSports enthusiasts to stake at eSports tournaments using Diagon coin.

4. DiaConnect, the fully decentralized social network for eSports that will enable Diagon users to connect with each other.

The future of eSports is here.. For investors, there’s no better time to come onboard a fast growing industry with so much potential and Diagon is that insurance ticket into the future.


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