The gaming industry has seen enormous growth in recent years and it is currently estimated to be a $175 billion market, making it the largest media category in 2021. As a long-term media powerhouse, linear television just lost its top spot to gaming, which is now bigger than the entire global music, film, and on-demand entertainment industries put together. Newzoo or WSJ/Activate research shows that gaming is the fastest-growing media category in terms of revenue growth, at roughly 10% each year.

This growth has accelerated with the integration of blockchain technology into gaming. Games are now adopting the play-to-earn (P2E) model thanks to blockchain technology, which presents the new potential for the gaming community. Users may now play their favorite games while also earning cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for money on multiple exchanges.

is one such game. It is a casual “play-to-earn” platform. This guide will walk you through the platform’s setup process and outline what to expect.

However, let us first establish a fundamental grasp of how P2E games work.

The days of internet gamers playing games purely for the sake of entertainment are over. You may now earn tokens, cryptocurrencies, and in-game assets by playing online games and exchanging them for fiat or other cryptocurrencies.

P2E games employ blockchain technology to compensate users for their participation and activity on the site. As a P2E game player, the platform pays you in cryptocurrencies for your time playing the games, usually in native tokens.

Before you can play most P2E games, you must make an initial investment, usually done by purchasing the game’s native token. You will need a personal crypto wallet on your phone or PC, such as Trustwallet or MetaMask, as well as an internet connection to do this.

Another element of P2E games is that the value of the native crypto and in-game assets that power the project increases as the platform grows in popularity.

The community-driven P2E gaming model gives users equity and ownership, allowing them to make money while playing games and also make valuable contributions to the gaming ecosystem.

When you play your favorite hyper-casual games on Diagon Games, you get rewarded with digital assets. The games are easy-to-play and no prior gaming experience is required, which makes the platform ideal for gamers of all ages and skill levels.

The eco-system will find increased acceptability among the various age groups cutting across several gaming markets because it focuses on hyper-casual games that may be enjoyed by both beginner and experienced gamers.

Playing casually will earn you Diagon’s native tokens for every level successfully completed in the games.

Currently, enough liquidity has been provided on a decentralized exchange called Pancakeswap for the token ($CSL) to be swapped for actual money, while $iDGN tokens can be earned by everyone, but they can only be exchanged into $DGN or $CSL when a gamer has accumulated 10,000 pieces or above. The following is a breakdown of all token systems in Diagon.

Diagon games offer a three-type token ecosystem to users. Below are the tokens:

The Diagon token is the governance and equity token of the Diagon ecosystem, and it allows those who hold it to vote on changes to the Diagon ecosystem.

The Casual token is used for all payments in the early stages of the Diagon Casual Gaming challenges. It will be used to reward players, and some weekend tasks will require gamers to have some CSL in their wallets for eligibility. The Casual token will also be used as a means of payment for in-game assets and to disable ads for the Diagon casual games.

3. i This is Diagon’s incentive token and it is used as a form of incentive for rewarding the entire ecosystem of users for processing any form of transaction in any part of our ecosystem. This will also be rewarded to users in the ecosystem as they spend time playing casual games in Diagon’s ecosystem.

Diagon’s most important feature is that all games are beginner-friendly. That is, they can be played and enjoyed by anyone of any age, even if they have no prior gaming experience.

Unlike most P2E games, Diagon does not require any sort of investment to play. The games are entirely free to play except during our weekly gaming challenges, where gamers are required to have some amount of $DGN and $CSL tokens.

Users contribute to the value of the Diagon network and are compensated for their efforts.

Furthermore, Diagon games are both online and mobile-friendly, allowing users to play whenever and wherever they want. There are currently nine casual games on the platform:

  • Diagon KnifePro
  • Bubble Woods
  • City Dunk
  • Endless Truck
  • Archery
  • Cursed Marbles
  • Table Tennis
  • Perfect Piano
  • 3D Chess
  • Billiards Classic

The Hyper-Casual Games were deployed by the Diagon Eco-system to meet the varying needs of gamers around the world. Our games are not technical in nature, like hardcore games. Instead, simple mechanics were utilized with the ordinary user in mind, allowing them to combine leisure and rewards effortlessly!

As a new user, getting started on Diagon games is quite straightforward. Follow these instructions to play Diagon games:

Create an account on here, fill in your KYC information, and confirm your signup.

A verification code will be sent to your email address to verify your account.

: After you have successfully verified your account, you can go ahead and enjoy the best gaming experience.

: After each successful signup, you will receive an airdrop of 100 $iDGN tokens, which will appear on your dashboard immediately.

Visit our website now to get started on the most enjoyable gaming experience.



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