Understanding Diagon’s Reward Model

Diagon stands out because it promises monetary rewards for casual gaming, and it’s only normal if you are curious about how our reward model works. This article provides the insights you need to understand our play-to-earn model.

Gamer Categories

All players on Diagon fall into two categories, namely Royals and Natives. These cadres are the basis for all interactions in the Diagon ecosystem and are explained below.

Diagon Royals: This set of gamers are those who have accumulated at least 200 DGN tokens in their wallets. Diagon royals enjoy special rewards in the ecosystem and have certain privileges only available to them.

Diagon Natives: Diagon users who own less than 200 DGN tokens are classified as Natives. They do not need to own any DGN tokens to interact with the ecosystem and get rewards available to their category.

Differences between the Royals and Natives are highlighted below.

  • In any game that is played on the platform, the Diagon Royals earn three times what the Diagon Natives get.
  • Diagon Royals can be part of the weekly Casual Gaming challenges, but Diagon Natives won’t be able to play these games, even if they want to.
  • While Diagon Royals can swap their earned iDGN tokens for CSL tokens, Diagon Natives cannot. A 10% transaction fee has been set as the fee for this conversion, which means that if someone converts $30 worth of iDGN to CSL, they will get $29 worth of iDGN.
  • Importantly, while both Diagon Royals and Natives will be shown ads while they play games, players who have acquired at least 250 CSL tokens will have ads automatically disabled.

Token Allocation

Tokens will be given to gamers based on the following:

  • Timing: At the proposed price, $1/hour at the rate shown would be worth 1000 iDGN/hr. The number of iDGN tokens each user gets will be based on how much time they spend playing the games and how many tokens they get for that time.
  • Gaming Stages: If a gamer can score high scores and reach new levels in the game they choose, they will also get their daily reward. Click here to find a table that will help you identify games and the reward mechanisms being used.

In the long run, there are going to be more ways for gamers to utilize iDGN tokens in the Diagon ecosystem. This means that members will be able to use their tokens to make all kinds of transactions shortly. Still not on Diagon? Visit our website to get started.




A hyper-casual play-to-earn platform that gives you the best digital living experience with crypto.

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A hyper-casual play-to-earn platform that gives you the best digital living experience with crypto.

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